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We created a webRTC solution for you, completely open-source, easy to use and handy tutorials so you can learn how to get started.

Secure, P2P, dezentralized communication for the 21st century.


This tutorials walks you through every step to setup WebRTC in the browser.
This GitHub repository contains the sources for above demo - video calling in the browser.

Native Apps (Flutter)

You can download an android apk that works with the web app from here

Framer (Prototyping)

Install this plugin in Framer to make real calls within your prototype!

Signaling Server

All parts require a signaling server to work. You can either write your own by following this tutorial or download the server here.

Company name

This WebRTC resource was created by the amazing people of Penguin Academy. Code is available under MIT License.

Company name

This project was created as part of the iHub COVID-19 project of PTI (Parque Tecnológico Itaipu Paraguay).

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